Landmark Victories

Major awards through verdict or settlement, including a $7.9 Million settlement during a trial for a young man left as a paraplegic.

Media Appearances

Anthony Pope regularly provides expert opinion as a guest on the Dr. Phil show.

Landmark Victories & Awards Through Verdict or Settlement

$7.9 million settlement during a trial for a young man left as a paraplegic.

$1.8 million settlement in products liability.

$750,000 settlement after a jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff on a UIM claim case.

$680,000 structured settlement for a girl burnt while in the care of a nursery.

$550,000 settlement for a client injured due to institutional negligence.

$550,000 settlement for a man attacked while in the custody of prison officials.

$500,000 settlement for a wrongful death.

$480,000 settlement for a woman misdiagnosed with a breast tumor.

$425,000 settlement for a young woman whose leg was injured in an elevator shaft.

$372,500 for a young man inexplicably ejected from a backseat of a moving automobile in a Dram Shop case.

$360,000 for a woman with back injuries involved in a chain reaction motor vehicle accident.

$333,000 settlement during trial for a passenger in an automobile struck by a truck.

$325,000 for a woman with multiple fractures after being struck by a motor vehicle while she was in the middle of the road tending to a wounded bird.

$245,000 settlement for a young woman suffering a cervical spine injury resulting in surgery.

$240,000 settlement for a driver in an automobile struck on the side by a truck.

$225,000 settlement for a woman who broke her ankle after slipping on ice.

$216,500 for a client who suffered injuries from a multi-car accident.

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Media Appearances

Anthony Pope presents his arguments in various legal matters presented on the Dr. Phil show.

In The News

Continental Airlines "Air Rage"

NOT GUILTY OF “AIR RAGE” Dad Cleared of Assaulting Ticket Agent

John Davis was found not guilty of charges that he assaulted a Continental Airlines ticket agent at Newark International Airport, in a case that became a national symbol of “air rage”.

According to three jurors interviewed after the verdict, it was Anthony Pope’s closing arguments that sealed the acquittal in their minds.

Spared From Death


Paul D. Hernandez of Fanwood was convicted yesterday of felony murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a New York cab driver; a verdict that spares him from facing the death penalty.

The 21-year-old Navy veteran was acquitted of first-degree murder which would have required the jury to find that he acted purposefully and knowingly in the death of Harish Kakar on May 11, 1989.

Defense attorney Anthony J. Pope of Newark said the verdict indicated the jury believed his argument that the shooting was an accident.

“It’s clear the jury believed there was reasonable doubt as to whether he intended to kill,” said Pope.

Acquitted of Charges


A jury acquitted a Livingston man of vehicular homicide and assault charges in connection with the death of an Irvington woman in 2000.

Jurors took about an hour to decide that Edward Rimelis was not guilty of vehicular homicide in the death of Demeria Britt.

His attorney, Anthony Pope, said his client was being tailgated by an aggressive driver and he collided with Britt’s car after switching lanes to lose the tailgater.

Acquitted of Murder


An Essex County jury found that Dwayne Martin shot and killed an Irvington man in self-defense.

In returning not guilty verdicts, the jury sided with the claims of Newark defense attorney Anthony Pope. “I was ecstatic and I applaud the jury’s courage in finding there was self-defense in this case,” Pope said afterward.

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